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Channelblocker - A simple OSD to manage the channels for the channelblocker patch.

The OSD shows a list of the current channels.
It is possible to block channels seperatly with a black- or whitelist.
There are 'Modes' like dvb-s, dvb-c, qam256, ... to play with
and 'Filters' like: card- has decoder, is primary, ... to adjust witch card(s) should block

VDR >= 1.6.0 patched with
vdr-1.6.0-2_channelblocker.diff or
Extensions Patch => 63 (and DVBSETUP activated)

Theres nothing special about it. Install it like any other standard
plugin (unpack, soft link, make plugins).

Menu: Options:Are:
Ok save settings and exit
RedBlock block
Green Openopen
Yellow Toggle toggle between 'blocked' and 'open'
BluePatchtoggle patch mode
Back discharge settings and exit
0 switch to selected channel

Revision History
2009-05-05: Version 0.0.6
- Fixed some compiler warnings with gcc-4.3
- New Makefile

2009-02-13: Version 0.0.5
- Now testing for DVB_API_VERSION lower 5

2009-01-21: Version 0.0.4
- Fixed Bug 'Channel Blocker = all' can not select from
the plugins menu
- Attach vdr-1.6.0-2_channelblocker.diff
and vdr-1.7.2_channelblocker.diff
After patching, you must activate the patch in VDRs Make.config
The patches changes Make.config.template
to show how this could be done.

2009-01-08: Version 0.0.3
- Updated for vdr-1.7.2

2008-06-28: Version 0.0.2
- Renamed plugin to 'channelblocker'
- Change mainmenu-entry to 'Block Channels'
- Added 'Setup Menu' to change plugin and patch setup
from the plugins osd (blue button)
- Now 'Ok' save settings and exit
and 'Back'discharge settings and exit

2008-06-05: Version 0.0.1
- Initial revision.
Based on noepgmenu-0.0.6.beta2 from Christian Wieninger

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