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Channellists - A VDR Plugin to manage your Channellists

Based on vdr-channelswitcher-0.0.1b but rebuild from scratch.
The classes for saving and restore the timers are from the vdr-setup-0.3.1.
Also I took some inspiration from other plugins like extrecmenu, epgsearch...

VDR >= 1.4.5

Theres nothing special about it. Install it like any other standard
plugin (unpack, soft link, make plugins).

With this plugin you can manage your channellist collection
The plugin shows a list of all channellists stored in /vdrconfdir/plugins/channellists
These channellists have named like this:
channels.conf.cable channels.conf.sat channels.conf.foo channels.conf.bar

Menu: Options:Are:
Ok Reloadsave timers and rewrite the current channels.conf with the selected list
Red Renameopen a editmenu for renaming the selected list
Skriptexecute a external script
Green Copyopen a editmenu for copying the selected list
Skriptexecute a external script
YellowDeletedelete the selected list
BlueSaveopen a editmenu for saving the current channels.conf
BackExitleave the menu

Commandline Option:
-s SCRIPT, --script=SCRIPT path to update script (default: channellists-update.sh)

Setup Options:
- Hide main menu entryHides the plugin main menu entry
- Action after switch...ing channellist can be Channels, Menu, back or none
- Button Redcan be Rename or Script
- Button Greencan be Copy or Script

The plugin provides a svdrp command LOAD with an optional argument /path/to/channels.conf
With no argument LOAD reloads the current channels.conf

svdrpsend.pl plug channellists load
svdrpsend.pl plug channellists load /path/to/my/channellist

Revision History

2013-03-19: Version 0.0.5
- Added Makefile for vdr >= 1.7.36
- Minimum required VDR version is 1.6.0

2008-01-21: Version 0.0.4
- Fixed cUpdateScriptThread
- Fixed typo in cPluginChannellists::~cPluginChannellists
- Added cExecuteCmdThread
- Added new setup option "Action after saving".
- Added french translation - thanks to Patrice Staudt
- Added Plugin-Service (does nothing at the moment)
- Remove . from allowed chars in Edit Menu

2008-01-18: Version 0.0.3
- Added command line argument:
-s SCRIPT, --script=SCRIPT path to update script (default: channellists-update.sh)
- Added Red-Button switch "Rename : Script"
- Added Green-Button switch "Copy : Script"
- Added script for loading a new channels.conf from linowsat.
- Renamed svdrp command RELOAD to LOAD.
- Some code cleaning.

2008-01-15: Version 0.0.2
- Fixed miscellaneous bugs.
- Added submenus for copying, renaming and saving a channellist.
- Added setup option "Hide main menu entry".
- Added argument for the svdrp command RELOAD
RELOAD /path/to/channels.conf
with no argument RELOAD reloads the current channels.conf.

2007-12-30: Version 0.0.1
- Initial revision.

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